Vegas Dave & Holly Sonders Do Cabo

Holly Sonders and new boyfriend, gambling tout Vegas Dave, promised they were headed to Cabo to take their relationship to the next level and the two Instagram superstars did just that today and wasted little time going to the beach and creating Holly bikini content. Vegas Dave, as you know by now, has his famous villa in Cabo so they won’t have to worry about accommodations. Holly will have a nice villa deck — with pool — to create piles and piles of content while on vacation with Dave.

In their short time in town this afternoon the happy couple hit up the same beach spot that Dave’s always at and some kids (did I hear Dave say on IG Story they’re from an orphanage?) stop to say hello to their hero. Dave and Holly get some sun, Holly, in a blue bikini, hits the ocean surf and we have our first day of content out of these two from the tropics.


Holly Sonders hits up Cabo with new boyfriend Vegas Dave / via IG Story

Holly and Dave created headlines last week when they went public with their relationship via a night throwing stacks on dollars at strippers at a Hollywood strip club. The next day Dave was joking about marriage. Since then Holly has promoted work she did for NFL Network’s NFL 100 series. I’m not sure if Holly is officially done at Fox Sports where she last worked sidelines for college football. I’ll send her a message this week and see what’s going on there or if this content creating thing with Vegas Dave is going to be her new gig.

Holly Sonders on the beach in Cabo / via Instagram Story Holly Sonders tests out the surf in Cabo while on vacation with Vegas Dave / via IG Story
Holly Sonders & Vegas Dave Are Officially Dating
Holly Sonders & Vegas Dave Are Officially Dating
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