19 NSFWBDs React To Lizzo At The Lakers Game Doing A Rikishi Tribute

You want content out of the NSFWBDs, you get it. All it took was breakout star Lizzo wearing what appears to be assless chaps to the Lakers game and looking like Rikishi, according to the BDs, and you got yourself all sorts of BD reactions. This is a great one because you have BDs on all sides of this one. Support, anger, support…but gotta be classier…etc. The guys are all over this from angles such as ‘Think about the chair she sat on.’

This is why the NSFWBDs are still the greatest after all these years of providing content. They know a great viral moment when they see it. Then, when interviewed, she made sure to be real thirsty over Karl Anthony Towns and that set off the BDs even more. I know when to stay out of these viral stories and let the BDs take the lead. This is exactly one of those moments. Take it over, fellas.

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