Andy Ruiz Adds Astounding 15 Pounds In Six Months Before Anthony Joshua Rematch

Andy Ruiz is 15 pounds heavier than first fight with Anthony Joshua / via Twitter

Andy Ruiz is 15 pounds HEAVIER than the last time he fought and beat Anthony Joshua on June 1 and won a bunch of belts, made a bunch of money and really started living life. Of course promoters can’t have Andy as the champ looking like he’s about to crush a funnel cake and jump on a ride at Cedar Point before going home and slamming a large meat lovers, then wash it down with a Dew 2 liter.

Ruiz and Joshua get it on tomorrow in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the champ sure doesn’t look worried by the extra lbs. Joshua will make somewhere in the $60 million range while Andy’s number hasn’t been reported. Just figure that Andy will make enough coin to buy some burgers, pops and enough to pay his cable bill for several years.

Keep this in mind from the June fight. Andy Ruiz was playing with house money then & is really playing with house money now considering how much he’ll earn after this one.

Joshua not only lost to Ruiz, but he also looked outclassed by a boxer who was a replacement for another fighter who was supposed to have no chance. Jarrell Miller, Joshua’s original opponent, dropped out of the fight when he tested positive for multiple banned substances. Ruiz’s hands looked faster than Joshua’s. It did not help Joshua’s case that Ruiz does not exactly look like a bodybuilder, as Joshua does. In fact, Ruiz loved to talk about how many Snickers he ate. Before the fight, Fury said Ruiz looked like the kid from Up, and Ruiz took no offense to that because he agreed. That was the guy who beat the global icon. This was not only shocking, it was deeply funny.

Andy Ruiz in June fight:

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