NFL Reporter Jane Slater Once Caught A Boyfriend Cheating On Her Via Fitbit

NFL reporter Jane Slater once caught boyfriend cheating via Fitbit

NFL reporter Jane Slater once caught boyfriend cheating via Fitbit / via Twitter

NFL Network reporter Jane Slater got in on the Peloton drama that has dominated the week by telling her own workout story, but this story was how an ex-boyfriend got her a Fitbit for Christmas, they synched up (not familiar with the Fitbit, but I assume you see your workout partner’s activity levels) and things were fine until his physical output was going nuts at 4 a.m. — and it wasn’t activity with her if you know what I mean.

Jane went on to say she wouldn’t out the guy, but those in the know around Dallas will know which low down dirty dog did Jane like that. Jane added that the ex-BF was also an autograph hunter. Guys, there has to be a rule here — if you’re dating a woman as hot as Jane, the autograph days have to go away. You have to grow up, act like you can sling insurance or cars or whatever it takes to keep a woman of Jane’s caliber to not think you’re a complete loser. The cheating while wearing a Fitbit is one thing, but give up the autograph hunting. It’s a bad look.

Jane added this gem further down the original thread to show that she’s had some pretty horrible relationships. She did not clarify whether the drunk boyfriend told the side chick to hit the road or if Jane slept in another room. Good times!

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