Meet Ellie Jamrozy – Detroit Lions Fan

It would be real easy for an Instagram model of Ellie Jamrozy’s caliber just to pick a new NFL team, say the 49ers, and act like that’s been her ride and die and now things are getting great again for her franchise. Not Jamrozy. There she was at Ford Field on Thanksgiving Day cheering on the Detroit Lions during the holiday break even though her team was on its third string quarterback and the season has been over for weeks. You want to talk loyalty? It doesn’t get much more loyal than an Elite brand model not cheating on her NFL team.

I see it all the time out of the IG models and I’m not one to get mad over switching allegiances because it’s great for business if the models jump on a bandwagon heading into the playoffs. But you give me a loyal IG model like Ellie not cheating and it tells me she’s the kind of model who does things the right way and doesn’t take shortcuts on the way to the top because all she’s known her whole life is heartbreak and she won’t turn her back on the Motor City Kitties.

If Ellie looks familiar, you might remember back in September when she was featured here on BC as a Michigan State fan. I predicted a breakout year in 2020 or 2021 at the latest. Next thing I know Gardner Minshew is following/liking her posts and she’s hitting up NFL games. I don’t know who I need to talk to, but there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be at all the Super Bowl parties, perhaps with Gardner, and talking Lions football on Radio Rowl. I’d have her on the podcast, but I’m pretty sure the NFL won’t let me in. We shall see on that.

Apply For The UNLV Football Head Coaching Job On Indeed
Apply For The UNLV Football Head Coaching Job On Indeed
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