Jalen Ramsey Refuses To Tackle Mark Ingram, Is A Fake Tough Guy

Jalen Ramsey acting like a fake tough guy / via Twitter

What a performance Monday night for Jalen Ramsey in the Ravens curb stomping of the Rams, a 45-6 go-back-to-the-locker-room-and-rethink-life curb stomping. Ramsey really shined in the third quarter when he refused to tackle Mark Ingram on a 1st and 18 play that showed how much risk Ramsey is willing to take while his team is getting blown out. Ingram went for 25 yards and would ultimately lead to a Lamar Jackson to Willie Snead touchdown pass to make it 42-6.

It would be one thing if Ramsey took off the play, took his medicine and then ran off the field after the clock struck 0:00, but we all know that’s not how Ramsey approaches his job so of course there he was running his mouth to Marcus Peters after getting stomped.

And it gets better. Here’s Jalen Ramsey acting like he needs team reps to hold him back from going after someone, probably Peters in the tunnel. Bro, this act isn’t working. Anyone with 1/10th of a brain can tell you’re a fraud.

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