Florida Man Has His Face Destroyed By Homeowner, A 65-Year-Old Boxer & Patriots Fan

Florida Man Mark Katsnelson gets beat up and arrested

Florida Man Mark Katsnelson gets beat up and arrested / via Miami Dade jail

Meet Florida Man Mark Katsnelson, a 35 year old, who decided to attack a guy Saturday night. The bad news for Katsnelson is that the homeowner fought back and ultimately kicked Mark’s ass and then the cops showed up to haul his destroyed ass to jail where he turned in this amazing mugshot. Now for the really great part — the homeowner, Barry Sands, is a 65-year-old self-trained boxer who is also a New England Patriots fan. This is one of those amazing moments for Florida Man. Just all comes together here.

From Local 10:

Sands was asleep Saturday night when investigators said his neighbor knocked on his door asking for help after getting into an argument with her boyfriend.

When he opened the door, investigators say 35-year-old Mark Katsnelson forced himself inside, throwing punches at Sands. Sands, a 65-year-old self-trained boxer, responded. “He was out, I mean he was out,” Sands said, adding that he punched the intruder “as many as I could.”

Katsnelson has been charged with burglary with assault or battery and is being held without bond. Sands kicked this guy’s ass so bad that the police had to take Katsnelson to a trauma center.

Barry is my new hero…need a 30 for 30 on this guy:

Barry Sands working the bag / via Local 10 Patriots fan defends himself against attacker and ends up beating the guy up bad / via Local 10 Mark Katsnelson charges / via Miami-Dade Corrections
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