Is DJ Nata Lee About To Get On HGH?

It’s a Friday and I’m just sitting here waiting to take my dog to have her stitches taken out from a tumor surgery and of course DJ Nata Lee popped up first because she’s at the top of my IG algorithm because I normally make some sort of dumb comment on her posts just because. Next thing I know IG is spitting Nata Lee content down my throat. Today’s post is Nata working the glutes. Bet you’ve never seen an IG model do that workout. Her caption got me thinking about how pure we want our Instagram models to be in life. Are we all cool with our Instagram stars on PEDs? Are we worried they’ll taint the game?

From DJ Nata Lee:

Do any of you eat some sports supplements? If so, which ones, and what do you think about them in general?

‘Supplements.’ *Cough cough*…you can’t fool me, Nata Lee. You’re sitting at 2.6 million followers and it’s time to take things to the next level. I see what’s going on here. I’ll go ahead and say it — please don’t go on HGH, PEDs, age-altering supps or whatever else some of these weirdos are suckin down. I like to think there are still pure IG models out there and Nata Lee is right there at the top. If I want the weirdo element I’ll just click over to IG Discover and see some real treats in there. By the way, why does IGs algorithm think I’m looking for robot chicks with some of the worst bolt-ons in the world. I blame guys who send me DMs of chicks I should follow. Some of you weirdos need help.

But I get that Nata could be looking forward here thinking that the IG game is only going to get harder to own in 2020. She has seen the whole 10-Year Challenge thing going around and one thing leads to another and in her head she’s thinking of what 2020 to 2030 will look like. This is a business and one day of not taking care of the moneymaker and some young gun IG model swoops in to impress your followers. It’s a mean world out there and Nata clearly knows it.


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