Meet Julia Muniz – Brazilian Model & Surfer

By now you guys are starting to figure out that I’m looking for some sort of actual talent out of the Instagram models I post here on BC because so many are beyond boring, just posting the same photos day after day. Give me some sort of variation in the portfolio or some sort of talent that differentiates you from the rest of the ladies who sit there doing workout Stories.

Enter Brazilian model and surfer Julia Muniz. SHE ACTUALLY SURFS and not just for content. She actually seems to enjoy the activity and has a talent. And models. Instant post. If you’re out here putting your life on the line for the thrill of a wave, I have instant respect and Muniz has multiple photos and a few videos from her days on the water. And diving videos.

She’s not out here holding a surf board trying to get street credit. This is actual life. Add in the fact that she’s a world-class model and that’s how you gather up 705k-plus Instagram followers. I’m telling you guys, 2020 is going to be about quality IG follows and not quantity of Kardashian Klones. Gotta clean it up heading into the next decade. Start clearing now and add Julia. You’ll thank me when she’s surfing in January and you’re stuck in 30″ of snow wishing  you had a better life.

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