Jerry Stackhouse & Austin Peay Assistant Coach Sergio Rouco Have Words

Austin Peay assistant coach Sergio Rouco has words with Jerry Stackhouse / via Twitter

Jerry Stackhouse didn’t appreciate Austin Peay assistant coach Sergio Rouco lecturing him on how (allegedly) a Vandy player didn’t play with class by dunking at the end of Wednesday’s game in Nashville. “I’ll coach my team and you coach yours,” Stackhouse reportedly told Rouco while jerking his hand away from Sergio during the handshake line festivities.

Listen, if there’s a guy you probably don’t want to test in a handshake line, it’s Stack. Let’s not forget this guy’s history. This is a guy who wanted to knockout Jerry Sloan.  This is also a guy who threw legit hands at Jeff Hornacek back in the day. There are NBA guys who fake fight and then there’s Stack and a left to Jeff’s face. Back in 2013 Stack told a story about how he had to stop playing against one of his brothers because they would drop gloves on a consistent basis. Jerry says his most memorable moment was a fight with Kirk Snyder after a game in Utah…in the tunnel.

Add it all up and Sergio got real lucky last night. Take the L and head on home to Clarksville, TN.

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