Kylie Ramos Isn’t Getting The Attention On Instagram She Deserves

One of the great mysteries of 2019 on Instagram? How the hell does Kylie Ramos check in with only 28,100 followers? I get it, the output has to be there to juice the algorithm and that means you have to keep pumping out the photos to keep the IG gods happy and all that stuff, but the majority of you guys are out there fascinated by yet another Kardashian klone with a face that’s been engineered by those billionaires and their makeup. Meanwhile, a model of Ramos’ caliber is out here barely noticed.

Ramos fired up a new photo today and said that it was like a couple weeks old. It’s A+ model IG content and she acts like it’s pulling a common out of a 1990 Topps pack. There are IG models out there who go to sleep at night dreaming of having five tools like Ramos. And that right there should be why you’re following her. She’s not some try-hard like the rest of these Instagram models with 400 photos locked & loaded for publishing because they’re terrified of missing out on a content cycle. Not Ramos. Hell, this week was the first time she published anything since August. This is like DaVinci not flooding the market with every piece he created.

That’s why I feel it’s my duty to spread the word for one of the most under appreciated IGs heading into 2020. Clean up your timeline in 2020, quality over quantity of Kardashian klones and you’ll head right into the new decade turning a new page. That said, if Ramos wants to create an absolute wave of attention, I suggest a college football content dump. Old school Ohio State shirt. Pair of jeans. She’ll get more jobs than she knows what to do with.

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