South Carolina Student Manager Fired For Fighting Guy In Will Muschamp Costume & Getting Arrested

Aubrey Walker, a South Carolina Gamecocks student manager, was fired from his position after being arrested for fighting a guy on Halloween dressed in a Will Muschamp costume, it was announced today by the school. Turns out Aubrey is a BC Twitter follower and I wouldn’t normally pile on a guy who was making next to nothing (if any at all) and got fired from his job, but this one is too good to pass up.

The Columbia newspaper says the guy Walker got in a fight with was in his Muschamp costume and holding a check in the amount of $18 million. That’s how much it would cost for the school to get rid of Muschamp who has gone 26-24 at USC. Things have really bottomed out this season with a 4-7 record.

From the Post and Courier:

Aubrey C. Walker, a USC student manager on Muschamp’s staff, was let go from his position after being arrested on Halloween night. Columbia police records show he was charged with public disorderly conduct and taken to jail after physically fighting with another man in Columbia’s Five Points district.

Walker apparently took offense to the man’s Halloween costume, which depicted Muschamp holding a sizable check.

The Post and Courier obtained a photo of the costume. The man is dressed in Muschamp’s game-day attire, wearing all-black clothing with a headset and eyeglasses. He’s holding a giant check.

The check is in the amount of $18 million with “Buyout” written in the memo space (Muschamp’s buyout would be around $18.75 million if he were to be fired on Dec. 31). It is made out to “Will Muschamp” and signed by “Every Gamecock Fan.”

Yes, I need that photo. Someone drop it in the DMs.

What more can I say here? Aubrey was fighting for his coach and at the end of the day it cost him the student manager job — allegedly. You love to see that kind of passion out of a young coach. The problem here is that someone ratted him out to the local newspaper and the school had no choice but to cut times with the kid. The last thing Muschamp wants to do here is answer questions about his student manager fighting a costumed Will Muschamp. It would get awkward for sure.

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