Teanna Trump Wants Thunder Player To Pay Up

Teanna Trump wants paid from Thunder player / via Twitter

Teanna Trump, who calls herself “Your Favorite Porn Star,” is taking the drastic step of calling out a player to be named later on the Oklahoma City Thunder to pay up. There’s chatter that the player never paid her for flights she made to meet the guy for a bang sesh and also didn’t pay for the actual bang sesh itself. Folks, this woman isn’t flying to a bang sesh out of the goodness of her heart. If there’s anything you should know by know about Teanna Trump, this woman ain’t doing shitt for free.

The bad news for the Thunder player is that homegirl appears to be in a situation where she’s going to get paid and I have a hunch she’s also going to blast his name after she gets paid because of the troubles he’s giving her in this situation. That will then serve as a wake up call to any of these guys out there who think they can stiff her and then stiff her again. She’s not playing games here.


You might remember earlier this year when Teanna made the bold claim that she had sex with a Pacers player when she was just 16 and that Pacers player got her into the world of porn. The thing here is that she seemed to be cool with that player and didn’t need to name names because it wasn’t necessary. She clearly has no financial issue with that guy.

From the NY Post:

β€œSo the person that, like, got me, got me, got me into porn was a Pacers player,” Trump told Grandmaison, who is more commonly known as Adam22. β€œI was 16 years old β€” he hit me up on Instagram. We had pictures, we had videos of me 16 and having sex with this man.”

Trump then momentarily stopped herself before waving her hand and saying the unnamed basketball player didn’t have to worry about any potential legal issues.

β€œI told him a couple years ago, I was like, β€˜How old do you think I am?’” Trump continued. β€œAnd he, like, said some dumb s–t, like 26. I was like, β€˜No, and when I met you I was 16.’” Because, like, he would videotape me.”

Add it all up and it’s probably going to get bad for the Thunder player if he doesn’t pay this woman for her services. In this day and age it’s hard to believe one of these athletes making all this money thinks he can get away with such an act of betrayal. You guys know these hoes ain’t loyal. Set up a payment plan or something and move on.











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