Jim Edmonds Puts His Life Back Together After Sleeping With Nanny Allegations

Jim Edmonds goes to Post Malone show with his daughter / via Instagram

Jim Edmonds says he’s out to put his life back together after a nasty allegation war from his soon-to-be ex-wife Meghan Edmonds where she implied that Jim had an affair with their nanny, Carly. “I took my first steps outside in a while last night with my beautiful daughter Hayley. Trying to repair a broken life and heart that should not be broken. You all need to get a life!. I have a wife, family and kids to worry about and that’s my only worry right now. Everyone else, BYE ! #repair thank you to all my friends for you continued support,” a defiant Jim wrote on Instagram. 

Jim took his daughter Hayley to see a Post Malone concert and dropped a very interesting line: “I have a wife, family and kids to worry about…” So what about that divorce he filed for like a day after their wedding anniversary? Now I’m confused. You miss a day with this story and it’s like missing an entire Real Housewives episode. So is Jim calling off the divorce? Were we all bamboozled here by the whole cheating thing? Jim & Meghan also have that new massive house they had built and Jim’s been posting IG Story videos from inside. Is he allowed to live in half of it? So many questions right now.

By the way, Jim’s face is looking a little yanked back in the concert photo. Maybe it’s just the angle.


Here’s Nanny Carly, who Meghan Edmonds has implied had an affair with Jimmy. Nanny Carly & Jimmy deny everything:











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