Tuesday Night MACtion Recap: A Night That Will Go Down in History

To some, last night was just an average Tuesday night, but for many more, it will go down as a “where were you?” night in history. The MAC put on a display we haven’t seen from them in recent history: snow, 0-yard punts, overtime, blowouts, records being set, and much much more. So, if for some reason you don’t spend your Tuesday nights watching football games featuring 19-year olds that weren’t good enough to play at Ohio State, I will recap the night that was for you now.

It all started in Akron, Ohio. The winless Zips were hosting Eastern Michigan. And despite the team’s miserable season, the people of Akron came out in droves to watch their beloved Zips (and by people, I mean the Akron band).

Well, at least these three loyal fans came out to show support.

Early on, the Zips were actually hanging around and keeping the game competitive (at 0-0). They had a chance to pin Eastern Michigan close and keep up their great defensive play. That’s where things started to go really downhill..

A ZERO YARD punt on the attempted pooch from the Akron QB. What a bizarre play call to not just do a regular punt, especially when the QB is clearly not capable of pooching anything, then the performance was somehow worse than the call. Eastern Michigan went on to score a touchdown on that drive and then we got what could probably be the best case for Akron fans… the game feed went out.

This league, man.

After the pooch punt, everything started to go wrong for Akron and they got blown out of the water.

42-14 final score. Ouch. BUT Akron did set a record last night…

Not only is Akron 0-10 overall, but they became the first team in the HISTORY of college football to start the season 0-10 against the spread… and they have had some HUGE spreads and have played UMASS, maybe the worst team in the country (besides Akron). Tough year to be a Zip.

On to game number two…

It was a snowy night in Athens, Ohio where the Ohio Bobcats were hosting Western Michigan. Early on, the home crowd for the Bobs made a huge difference.

These two teams are actually not bad, so we didn’t have some of the same dreadful plays from the first game… but we did see some offensive ingenuity never before seen on a football field.

I mean come on… this is like the opposite of the Akron pooch punt. This is the most skilled play I’ve ever seen in football. And guess what? It worked. As you can see at the end, the pass was completed for a first down. Unreal.

Then came the drama…

Ohio scored a HUGE touchdown to send the game to overtime. The Bobs then got the ball first and had to settle for a field goal. And then…

What a night! Both Eastern and Western Michigan take home wins, but Akron and Ohio had the two best clips of the night. You tell me who the real winners were.

We can only pray Wednesday night’s matchups between Bowling Green/Miami (OH) and Northern Illinois and Toledo bring some of the same magic.

Happy MACtion. Fly the damn flag!

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