Cavs Fan Robs Birmingham Gas Station With Butcher Knife

Cavs fan robs Alabama gas station with a butcher knife / via

What happens when a Cavs fan brings a butcher knife to a gas station fight & the clerk has a broomstick? The Cavs fan acts like he’s scared of getting hit with a piece of wood and backs away from the counter at this Chevron in Birmingham where Cavs fan was doing some work back in October.

One other thing I need to address here is how great the security camera is that the Chevron is using. Look at that 1080 HD. I can get sweet screenshots off a security camera like that. I can’t say it enough…invest in HD security cameras for us in the content game. We know that you’re going to get robbed and we want to share the best quality screenshots possible so help us help you. It’ll make the justice process go so much faster. You share a HD screenshot on Facebook and those people will take care of the rest.


Authorities are trying to identify a knife-wielding man who robbed an east Birmingham store.

The holdup happened Oct. 28 at the Chevron on Robison Road. Birmingham police Sgt. Johnny Williams said the suspect entered the store about 1:23 a.m. that Monday. He walked through the store and approached the count as though he was about to make a purchase.

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