Sean Payton Goes & Gets Engaged On Friday, Saints Get Crushed Sunday

Sean Payton went and got engaged to long time girlfriend Skylene Montgomery, a former West Virginia beauty pageant contestant you used to see on here fairly often, on a Friday night during a game week that resulted in a brutal 26-9 loss to the division rival Falcons who had looked like trash through eight weeks. Now the Falcons have two wins, the Saints gave up an opportunity to get even with the 49ers for home field throughout, but Skylene got her engagement ring.

You know who would never think of getting engaged on Friday of a game week? Bill Belichick. I don’t care if Sean has a ring. If Belichick wouldn’t do it, then don’t do it. In fact, the last thing an NFL coach needs is a wife. No wife. Belichick doesn’t have a wife for a reason — he doesn’t want some wife bothering him with a schedule. He’s his own cowboy for a reason. If Sean was adamant about putting a ring on it, this could’ve waited until February. You go on a beautiful trip to some exotic beach and give her a ring and then bang like banshees for five days until getting back to study for the NFL Draft.


An elaborate party shell game resulted in a Who Dat marriage proposal in the French Quarter on Friday night.

Saints Coach Sean Payton proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Skylene Montgomery, at a private party at the Longway Tavern that was pitched to her as a toast to the 15th anniversary of the wedding of Saints owner Gayle Benson and her late husband, Tom Benson.

Gayle Benson was in on the ploy, giving Montgomery a fake invitation to the anniversary toast.┬áThe “toast” was, however, billed to friends and family as a surprise party in anticipation of Montgomery’s 35th birthday, which is Dec. 4.

What genius thought this was a good idea? No way Sean thought this up. If so, you have to fire him. I’m convinced someone pressured Sean into pulling the trigger at this event for some strange reason. Think of the pressure Sean was under all week leading up to proposing. The nerves had to be shot.

And if this was Sean’s idea, shame on him for falling into the trap laid by these women. Now he’s going to go home after watching film for 14 hours and Skylene’s going to be asking him to help make wedding decisions & shitt. She’s 35. He’s 55. She cares about these little meaningless details. Sean has to worry about a road trip to Tampa and how to get Brees back on track. Like he cares about the party favors. Don’t say I didn’t warn everyone if the Saints season goes sideways.

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