Florida State Quarterback James Blackman Cut Out A Piece Of Boston College’s Field Turf For A Souvenir

James Blackman cuts out a chunk of Boston College’s turf for Florida State’s sod cemetery / via Twitter

What a day for the Florida State Seminoles in Boston for a team that has been through so much this season, including firing the coach, insane new coach speculation, Kirk Herbstreit saying he’s done talking about these kids, etc., etc. It was probably a good thing that the team went to Boston with their backs against the wall and needing a critical win here with a guaranteed win against Alabama State next week which will equal bowl eligibility.

That’s major news because it avoids back-to-back years of missing a bowl, which hasn’t happened at the school since 1975-76.  That’s why Seminoles quarterback James Blackman took scissors to the Boston College field turf after this one. This was a Sod Cemetery game. What’s a Florida State Sod Cemetery game? It’s a tradition of taking a piece of turf home to Tallahassee to symbolize the hardest of battles the Seminoles are going to face. Against all odds. The most glorious of victories.

That’s why Blackman was trying to cut rubber field turf with basic scissors. That’s why he struggled so hard to rip up that field turf and show Boston College who owns them in 2019. Alabama State is going to get rolled next week and Florida State will BE BACK. All is right in college football.


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