Kentucky Sports Radio Host Matt Jones Removed Radio After Complaint From Mitch McConnell

For those that aren’t familiar, Matt Jones is the host of Kentucky Sports Radio, a daily radio show, website, and now bar, that has become its own cult in the state of Kentucky. I mean there are thousands of people in Kentucky that bought cars just so they could listen to KSR on the radio. You get callers like on the Paul Finebaum show ranting and raving about how John Calipari should be fired because Kentucky only won by 25 points or how Rick Pitino should be imprisoned for finishing on his own leg. It’s a great time.

Now, due to Matt’s huge following in the state of Kentucky, he has recently expressed real interest in running for the Democratic nomination to be a senator in Kentucky, opposing current Kentucky senator and House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is most famous for resembling a turtle that has been run over by an 18-wheeler.

Now I don’t like to get into politics, but I think McConnell is a pretty widely unliked guy on both sides. Maybe it’s because he constantly looks like he just ripped a huge fart and is terrified someone is going to smell it

But that’s not the point of the story.

The point of the story is that apparently Senator McConnell and the Kentucky GOP were so threatened by Matt Jones’ mere suggestion of running, that they filed a complaint against him with the Federal Election Commission. The complaint basically sad that it’s unfair that Matt Jones has a radio show he can talk on every day to promote his campaign… even though Mitch McConnell is one of the top-5 most powerful people in politics today and could go on any show at any time that he wanted to. So Matt’s bosses at iHeartRadio didn’t want to fight the complaint and them and Matt decided it was best he takes a leave from the show until he decides if he officially wants to run for Senate. You can read Matt’s whole statement in the tweet at the top of the blog but it’s basically summed up with this tweet:

Currently, #FreeMattJones is the number one trending topic in America. So maybe McConnell was right to be threatened by Matt. The host of a little sports radio show is now the top trending topic in America so I think he HAS TO run now. He has gotten a ton of positive national news coverage from this and it seems like the perfect opportunity to announce his candidacy if he is really serious about wanting to run.

In conclusion, I’m a big fan of Matt’s and think he should seriously challenge McConnell for his seat. If you agree with me and want to support him you can buy his book here and keep an eye out for his candidacy announcement:

Us bloggers need to stick together and Matt was one of the OGs with KSR. I wish him the best of luck whether he decides to run or not (but I really fucking hope he does).


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