Christmas in November: Tuesday Night MACtion Returns Tonight

THE MAC IS BACK! It’s a great day to be alive and an even better day to be my bookie! This year we are even more blessed to have the college basketball season tip-off the same night as MACtion.

MACtion means so much more than just a football game. If you donโ€™t know what MACtion is then let me explain. The MAC is one of the worst conferences in Division 1 College Football. If you donโ€™t know any teams in the MAC, just take a mid-west state, put a cardinal direction in front of it, and you have a contender for the MAC West. So every year, around halfway through the season, they start playing a couple of MAC matchups every Tuesday night. This means you can bet and watch football on a Tuesday. A gift from God.

MAC schools are usually very very small schools and by this time of year, the weather is usually pretty shitty in these towns. That means you get a lot of snowy games with about 400 people in the crowd. Combine that with the level of play on the field and you get some pure magic. This week’s matchups are Kent State @ Toledo and Ball State @ Western Michigan. Yes, those are all real Division 1 College Football teams. The two host cities for tonight are the two perfect MAC cities. Toledo and Kalamazoo. It doesn’t get more MAC than that. The weather is supposed to be in the low 30’s and we are going to get some magic. Speaking of magic, the MAC put out the PERFECT hype video for tonight:

*chef’s kiss sound*

It is the most perfect MAC hype video I could imagine. Some pretty average football plays clipped in between some horrific acting from the MAC staff.

Betting Preview

Kent State @ Toledo (-7) o/u 62 & Ball State @ Western Michigan (-6.5) o/u 64

Okay, I know this is going to be weird, but it’s MACtion… so just bear with me. I think the strategy tonight is to bet both underdog MLs (+215, +195) because I GUARANTEE one of them will hit. The first Tuesday Night MACtion of the year is a hotbed for some bizarre football plays to take place. One of these underdogs will win outright and if they do that will mean either a +1.15 or +0.95 unit profit for us. Pretty good night. And who knows? Maybe things will get real crazy and we hit both. And if we hit neither? Who cares. It was worth it for the price of MACtion.

So make sure you hang up all your MACtion decorations, go out and get a MACtion tree, place your bets, have a couple mid-week Great Lakes Christmas Ales, and have yourself a Tuesday. You deserve it.

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