Louisiana Man Steals Electric Shopping Cart From Walmart, Drives It To Bar, Cops Allege

Brice Williams arrested for stealing motorized shopping cart from Walmart & driving it to bar / via Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office

Hero gets thrown around these days and should apply to Louisiana Man Brice Williams who was arrested Sunday for stealing (probably more like borrowing) an electric powered shopping cart from Walmart in Houma, Louisiana and driving it to the bar…around 12:30 a.m. Brice told cops he didn’t want to get a DUI so he drove the shopping cart instead.

You actually have to respect this kind of hustle out of Brice. He could’ve put a bunch of people at risk if he drove his car and ran over a bunch of people. As for the shopping cart, we know he’s not going over like 5 mph on his way to the bar. The guy just wants a drink, doesn’t want to hurt anyone and was probably going to take the cart back at the end of the night.

From Fox 8:

Brice Kendell Williams, 32, was arrested Sunday after he removed the electric-powered shopping cart from a Walmart in Houma, and drove it to a bar about a half mile away from the store.

A deputy was called out around 12:30 a.m. to a bar on Corporate Drive in response to a complaint that an individual had arrived there driving the cart. The deputy saw the cart parked between two cars in the bar’s parking lot.

The deputy made contact with a security guard at the bar and with Williams.

During the investigation, the deputy learned that Williams claimed he was at a different bar and believed he could get charged with DWI if he drove his own vehicle to the one on Corporate Drive, causing him to take the cart from Walmart.

I was looking at the map of Houma and trying to figure out which bar Brice was cruising to at 12:30 a.m. and it appears the selection is slim on Corporate Dr., especially a half-mile from Walmart. I was thinking it had to be Peppers Pizzeria, but it’s only open until 10 on weekends. Hard to tell what’s been built since Google last scanned the area back in 2018 or whenever the last image was taken.

Houma Walmart shopping cart stolen
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