Jimmy G Tried To Take Married Erin Andrews Home Last Night

Jimmy G sweet talks Erin Andrews after beating the Cardinals / via Twitter

Jimmy G, the guy who notoriously went out with porn actress Kiara Mia, shot his shot last night with married 41-year-old Erin Andrews after beating the Cardinals and taking the 49ers to an 8-0 record, all but locking up a playoff spot on October 31. “8-0, how does that feel,” Erin asks. “It feels great, baby,” Jimmy G responds in his best, ‘I know you’re married, but text me and let’s meet up at my hotel’ voice.

And there you have it, the first moment of significance out of Erin Andrews in years, probably since she was heartbroken over not getting an engagement ring. That was in 2015. No joke, we stopped wasting time on her years ago because (1.) she wasn’t remotely interesting anymore and (2.) her desperation for Jarret Stoll to give her a ring was getting sad.

But thanks to Jimmy G, guys are reminded that Pageviews is still around the NFL. Remember when she and Charissa Thompson were hired to sex up Fox Sports 1 back when it debuted in 2013? Feels like forever ago. Regis Philbin was on that show with Katie Nolan. Jason Gay. It was one of the worst shows in sports television history. Then Katie Nolan gets her dream ESPN job and is supposedly going to do midnights, but here we are all these years later and her shows are never consistently on TV. It’s one of the great mysteries of the last decade — how couldn’t a TV station make Katie Nolan anything more than an 8-episode employee?

Anyway, here’s Jimmy doing work:


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