Lauren Summer Flashed At The World Series With Julia Rose

Lauren Summer and Julia Rose flashed at the World Series Sunday night and have been banned from MLB ballparks for life, according to a letter given to them after their 7th inning flash. I’m still trying to track down more to the story as to whether they were detained in a ballpark holding cell and readers want to know how they got that banishment letter so fast after the incident. There are definitely things Summer and Rose need to fill us in on here.

For those of you not in the know, Julia Rose has been taking a blow torch to Instagram for about the last year or so. She’s been pushing the boundaries to new levels and Summer is right there along for the ride. Summer is a brand executive at Shagmag, the online magazine these two are pushing via monthly subscriptions. According to Julia Rose’s Patreon page for Shagmag, there are 8,355 subscriptions as I type this. At $15/month, these two are looking at $125,000-plus a month just in subscription rates. Folks, that’s $1,500,000 a year just to see what these two are up to out in the wild. That’s not a bad life for women who can’t make a dime off appearing in Playboy these days. DIY.

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So add it all up and last night was a net victory for these two. Like they care if they’re banned for life from MLB games. There are plenty more gonzo moments to pull off. And this is where I remind you I sorta came up with this marketing idea minus the flashing part. You might remember the Tweet Her Seat thing I did like 7 years ago when I bought Front Row Amy’s seat to a Brewers game and put a Playboy model in the seat. It just happens that Summer and Rose took it to the next level and had perfect seats at the World Series.

Here’s Julia Rose and Lauren Summer flashing at the World Series…nope, I can’t show you everything:

Lauren Summer & Julia Rose flash at World Series / via Twitter

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