Jim Edmonds Accused Of Cheating On His Wife With Nanny











Jim Edmonds has been accused of cheating on his wife, Meghan Edmonds, with a nanny and Meghan seems to be confirming that it was nanny Carly Wilson, a former college cheerleader who was seen multiple times on Jim’s Instagram and Instagram Stories over the last year or so. Jim reportedly filed for divorce Friday, just a day after the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. For those of you who have been following along over the years, you’re probably not shocked by any of this news. I might’ve even said somewhere on BC that I thought it was pretty odd how the Edmonds’ had a smoking hot nanny watching their kids and Jim was left in that environment when his wife was gone.

And now Meghan seems to be confirming that it was definitely Carly, a former Eastern Washington U. cheerleader, who Jim was cheating with. From US Magazine:

According to one source, the 35-year-old Real Housewives of Orange County alum confronted the former baseball player, 49, and the nanny, but they both denied the allegations. After a week of fighting, Jim filed for divorce on Friday, October 25, the day after the twosome celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

Jim, who has seven kids, will now also have three divorces on his record. And I’m pretty sure Jim and Meghan were building a massive house in St. Louis. If you’re into praying, this might be a good time to start saying one for Jim.

Here’s Megan Edmonds on Instagram on the whole situation with Jim and Carly:

Jim Edmonds cheated on his wife with nanny, according to Meghan Edmonds / via Instagram

There’s Nanny Carly holding the dog


Meanwhile, Jim fired back on Instagram seeming to say this is all just false:


Here’s the post where Meghan Edmonds fills in some details:


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