Sports Reporter Erin Dolan Avoids Patriots Fan’s Kiss

Sports reporter Erin Dolan is furious with a Patriots fan who tried to kiss her during a live shot she was doing for PointsBet Sportsbook. From what I can gather, Dolan started with PointsBet back in late August. In July on an Instagram post she said, “Being surrounded by Pats fans at work is hard.” And then this happened while at her assignment.

From the Post:

“Some assume being on camera is glamorous. Sometimes it’s not,” Dolan began Wednesday on Twitter.

“I laughed off this fan trying to kiss me at MNF, but I was PISSED! I’m not the first broadcaster to experience this & I won’t be the last, unfortunately,” she continued. “I truly love what I do, but this field can test you.”

In the clip, Dolan is seen walking away from the Patriots fan, who had leaned in for a kiss.

This is the Patriots fan who tried to kiss Erin Dolan:

Patriots fan tries to kiss sports reporter Erin Dolan from PointsBet / via Twitter

Here’s video of Patriots fan trying to kiss sports reporter Erin Dolan:

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