Meet Sky Simpson – USF Speech Pathology Student

There are rising star Instagram models and then there is Sky Simpson, a University of South Florida speech pathology major who is pretty much eviscerating the pretenders in 2019 and lining up to have a massive 2020 that should launch her from a current following of 25.5k to 100k easy. I’ve been at this a long time and Sky Simpson can be a star if she stays focused on the content game and is real strategic about it.

For example, she posted a photo back in June with some guy and they’re both wearing Yankees jerseys. Let’s just pretend that’s not her boyfriend. Throw that out the window. Let’s focus on the Yankees jersey thing. The Yankees are currently in an ALCS dog fight against the Astros. This is the time to strike with the Yankees content. Like today. Go to Dick’s, buy a Yankees hat, maybe a tri-blend Yankees shirt and you have a content shoot. Shred the Yankees tri-blend, take 100 photos, pick 5 and dump those out over the rest of the ALCS.

I’m telling you right now that would equal like 10k new followers EASY and lead to fit tea, teeth whitener and bikini shoot jobs. I don’t know NFL defenses (don’t care), I don’t know the NBA storylines (they’re dumb), but I do know content that launches these Instagram models to new levels. Take Terann Hilow. She and her mom used to make her bikinis and mom would take photos. It’s a side content hustle for Terann and the MLB playoffs are her time to shine.

As for Sky, she’s on her way. She’s out there humping it trying to figure out what content works and how to drop the hammer on haters, which is a great trait to have in this game. Go follow Sky. Going to be a star.

Sky Simpson mic drop

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