DJ Nata Lee: I’m Going To Women’s Boxing World Championships…Should Be Going to Baton Rouge

DJ Nata Lee, the World’s Hottest DJ, announced today that she will be going to Russia this weekend for the women’s boxing world championships because her followers must’ve told her that it was great or something like that. This morning she posted a photo with a “How do you feel about women’s boxing?” caption. It’s probably all some sort of setup, but I’m here for the content and let me tell you, nobody knows the content game like this woman. Day after day, just killing it.

DJ Nata Lee wrote on Instagram:

I’ve read lots of reviews in my previous post. I decided to visit the World Championship in women’s boxing, which is now taking place in Russia. With those of you who are already in Ulan-Ude, will see you tomorrow at the semifinals!

The women’s boxing world championships are definitely taking place, but I didn’t know women really cared to go watch. Something tells me Nata Lee was a hired gun. Hired to go in and create a giant social content dump, which is a smart play by the boxing federation in charge here. I assume someone inside the Russian Federation made the call here. Spice things up. Now we just need to get Nata Lee to the Russian slap fight competition.

Here’s how DJ Nata Lee announced she’s going to the women’s boxing world championships:

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