Sports Betting Guide – The Basics and Simple Tips

Sports betting


Sports betting is a simple and fun activity that attracts millions of people all over the world due to the prospects of making it big. However, beginners will easily learn that while placing a bet at Betway is easy, winning requires more than luck or loyalty to a certain team or athlete. For that, here are several simple tips along with the sports betting basics to get you started on the right foot:

Sports Betting For Beginners

Sports betting is pretty straightforward, and there’s nothing complicated in terms of creating your account in a bookie and placing your very first bet. However, understanding the basic mechanic of how everything comes together is crucial for your success in this industry.  

Unlike other gambling forms, sports betting is different in that you’re not completely relying on luck. Of course, the bookmakers still have an inherent advantage, but you can overcome this advantage if you know what to do. Nonetheless, it’s very enjoyable to test your knowledge against the bookmakers, and it also makes it more enjoyable to watch sports. 

The Sports Betting Mechanics

Before you place your first wager, here are the three components that you need to understand.


 This part of your bet is the most crucial. It’s as simple as choosing the outcome you want to back, but any mistake will cost you cash. For instance, if you’re betting on an EPL game, you need to select the team you think will win. However, bookies like Betway also have other markets you can wager on as you expand your skills on betting.


This fancy word means the amount of money you want to bet. For instance, if you choose to wager $10 on a game, then that’s your stake. As such, high-stake games mean that they welcome betting with large amounts of money. However, the amount you bet is up to your preference, though most bookies have a set minimum and maximum stakes, ranging from $5 to $5000.


The bookmakers use odds to determine your payout if your bet goes as predicted. As such, you must understand how odds work to know what to expect when placing a bet. They’re also used to show the favourite and the underdog in a match.

Simple Sports Betting Tips For Beginners

Set a Budget and Have A Staking Plan

It’s important to have a budget of the amount of money you’re willing to stake on each bet to avoid losing what you can’t afford to lose. You should also have a plan on how to spread your bets to minimize your risk, but keep in mind that losing is the most likely outcome on any bet.

Be Selective

Sports betting presents a lot of options, starting with thousands of games in different leagues to lots of betting markets. As such, you can bet on more than just the outright winner in a game.

Learn to Identify Value

In sports betting, value is a crucial factor in your success, though not many gamblers understand it. This concept is reasonably straightforward as it measures the relationship between the odds of a specific selection to the probability of the outcome happening.  That means if the odds are higher that they should be, then the selection is said to have a positive value and vice-versa.

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