Meet Anet Mlčáková – Czech Monster Energy Girl

Monster Energy Girl Anet Mlčáková popped up in my Instagram Discover tab this morning while doing the Morning Screencaps and I figured, with a Czech last name like that, I’d dig a little deeper. Instantly intrigued by all of it. Turns out Anet is a world traveler who has filled up her IG Story highlights with all sorts of destinations ranging from Brazil to Universal Studios. You don’t put ‘world traveler’ into your IG bio and not travel like every week or two.

I’m starting to wonder if there’s that one place these IG models haven’t traveled to that is the secret place that all the models need to see. It may sound dumb, but my place on Lake Erie — Put-In-Bay — is the type of place that an Instagram model could make look exotic AF, but yet do that trip on a Walmart budget. Use that new iPhone 11 filtering system and make it seem like you’re in the tropics. That’s something the hotels on the island should pay for. Hire Anet, have her fly into Cleveland from New York and then have her take a private twin turbo from Hopkins to PIB International Airport.

Hire some incredible IG photographer and have Anet do a full photo series. Then unleash those pics across IG. You’d have models booking trips like crazy. They would have to have a PIB shot in their catalog. One shoot could turn PIB into the Monaco of the Great Lakes.

In the meantime, Anet will be doing her Monster Energy duties and visiting European cities she has yet to take photos in. At this point she’s running out of cities.


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