Falcons & Texans Fans Fight Video

Falcons and Texans fans fight during Sunday’s game in Houston / via Instagram

Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans fans had a fight during Sunday’s game at NRG Stadium in Houston and it appears, from videos I’ve seen, that at least one woman was arrested for the fight in a 53-32 laugher that was highlighted by this fight. What caused the fight? Who knows, probably some woman running her mouth about the scoreboard and then some other woman told her to shove it up her ass and then it was on from there.

One thing I know about Houston games, when they fight…they fight. Some of the better fan fights in the history of BC have been in the stands at NRG. Some of you guys might remember this one from 2015.

Good to see action besides at an Eagles game. Needed another team in the NFL to step up.

The Falcons-Texans fan fight video…little blurry, but you get the idea…they all can’t be in 4k:


The aftermath of the Falcons-Texans fan fight and a woman being arrested:


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