Braves Fan Breaks Glass At Game, Arrested, Faces Felony

Braves fan breaks glass at Sun Trust Park / via Twitter

A Braves fan has been arrested for breaking a glass panel at Sun Trust Park during a playoff game against the Cardinals and now Larry William Zimmerman of Athens, Georgia faces a felony for that broken panel. This is now the third strangest arrest story I’ve blogged from SunTrust over the last couple of months. You might remember back this summer when a guy tried to get his cocaine into the ballpark, but security checked his boots and there was the powder. Then there was a the guy who was trying to get heroin in.

Now comes Larry going and breaking the glass while all hyped over a playoff game.

From AJC:

“It’s an exciting moment. I’m cheering. The whole section is cheering, and I slap my hands — open hands,” he said. “You can hear my wedding ring, ‘clink, clink, clink,’ and amazingly, the glass shatters.”

He told Channel 2 a security guard made him leave his seat in section 329 and then put him in handcuffs. According to the arrest warrant, Zimmerman intentionally damaged the barrier by kicking and punching it.

Larry says he hit the glass just right with his palm and his wedding ring caused the shatter. The Braves aren’t playing games. They have banned him for a year and now this goes to court…unless the Braves figure this is a dumb thing to litigate and move on. Something tells me that video’s going to show that Larry wasn’t doing anything you wouldn’t see at a hockey game. Can’t slap a felony on a guy for being too hyped.

Braves fan arrested for breaking glass during playoff game / via Cobb County Sheriff’s Office
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