Grayson Allen And Morgan Reid Long Distance Relationship Still Working

I’d nearly forgotten all about Grayson Allen until Morgan Reid‘s IG Story popped up today and then I remembered that these two were/are dating and after a quiet summer from both of them it appears things are still going strong and Grayson has custody of their dog in Memphis where he’s now with the Grizzlies and Morgan won’t have to fly all the way out to Salt Lake City to see Gray Gray throw down some triples.

Morgan’s still with the Orlando Pride women’s soccer team and the season is over here in a couple of weeks so the dog will finally get some visitation time with his mother. Hate to see families separated like this, but you do what you have to do as an athlete to keep food in the dog’s dish.

I was really starting to get worried about this relationship from a pageviews perspective because Grayson had wiped his IG of anything Morgan related. It was beginning to look like they had grown apart and Grayson would have to find new love in Memphis of all places as he tries to get by on a $2.5 million contract.

Not going to lie, I’m getting the feeling that Grayson is down in the dumps. It’s been too long if you know what I mean. I don’t see a single travel pic on Twitter or IG that wasn’t a paid promotion. Where’s the happiness here? Of course it’s time for Morgan to fly in. This guy is lonely. Look at that face.

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