Florida Woman Stripper Tries To Murder A Woman At Jacksonville Strip Club, Cops Allege

Florida stripper charged with attempted murder from Wacko’s in Jacksonville / via Clay County Sheriff’s Office

Ava Mooring, a stripper at Wacko’s in Jacksonville, Florida is in BIG trouble, I’m talking attempted murder trouble, after an incident where a fight turned into shots fired at the club last week. Ava, whose Facebook bio reads, “The World Is Yours,” is in jail on a $750,000 bond. It shouldn’t come as a shock that an 18-year-old stripper is having trouble coming up with that kind of cash.

From News4Jax:

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office said it responded Thursday to Academy Sports + Outdoors on Blanding Boulevard near Filmore Street after a fight between two women resulted in several shots being fired from a 9 mm handgun.

Investigators said they identified the suspect as Mooring.

With help from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Mooring was taken into custody Friday at Wacko’s Jacksonville, where she was employed as a dancer, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said.

News4Jax reported Friday that several employees at Wacko’s Jacksonville were escorted in handcuffs by officers out of the club on Emerson Street. Officers at the scene Friday did not provide details about what they were investigating.

One look at Ava’s Facebook and you know you’re not dealing with an ordinary stripper who’s going to back down from getting that money. I’m telling you right now, Ava clearly isn’t in the mood to lose in any game she plays, especially when it comes to money. Just look at those bills she’s flaunting on a used car lot. PURE BIZNESS.

Some of you lazy bums on here could learn a thing or two from Ava on the hustle front. Now I don’t know what went down in Wacko’s, but don’t be shocked if one of Ava’s rivals tried to pin that shooting on her. Clearly Ava would never jeopardize her career over shots fired. Jacksonville police clearly have the wrong stripper.

As for Wacko’s, it gets a respectable 4.3 out of 5 stars on Facebook, a platform that is notoriously negative so maybe you want to stop in for a beer the next time you’re in town for a Jags game.

Ava Mooring in jail for strip club attempted murder
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