ECU Kylie Graduates To Bottle Service Job At Boston Club

ECU Kylie is back after her first summer out of school and she remains that one Instagram test model I’ve been tracking to see how things go once leaving school with a bachelor’s degree and a LOADED Instagram account. I’m trying to see how these Instagram stars are able to turn that following into a career, if at all. I know it’s a strange research topic, but it’s something I’m fascinated by because competition is fierce out there on the IG streets and some of these ladies clearly feel that if they miss a day of IG work, they’ll lose a step to competitors and lose turf wars.

That brings me to what ECU Kylie’s been up to. This week she posted IGs showing that she’s working as a bottle service girl at a HOTT Boston club called Mémoire Boston. All the big DJs are coming through. There’s all this money in the city and the youth wants to hear guys spin music made by other artists. It’s a strange time, but it’s been going on now for like a decade straight so go with it.

Kylie is sitting on 90k IG followers which isn’t much, but considering she left college with pretty much that number it’s pretty good. There’s still research to do here. I’d like to know if 90k gets the attention of club promoters. Do they take that number into consideration during the bottle service hiring process?

Take note, college IG models. You’re not going to be able to just post workout IG Stories once you get that diploma. Gotta up your game immediately.

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