Cops: Louisiana Woman Attacked Husband With Nerf Guns For Cheating On Her

Anh Thi Pham attacked husband with nerf guns / via / Ouachita Correctional Center

If Anh Thi Pham’s husband learned anything this week it’s that you don’t (allegedly) cheat on her or you’ll feel the wrath of Nerf guns that she will (allegedly) wield & then chase you down the road. Look at that woman’s face…does it look like she’s playing games, bub?

From The News Star:

According to an arrest report for Anh Thi Pham, 40, deputies responded to a domestic disturbance on Monday.

The victim said his wife started an argument with him over suspected infidelity, brandished two plastic Nerf guns and started to hit him with the guns.

Per the report, the victim said he ran out of the house to get away but was chased down the road by his wife.

Now Anh is up for a domestic abuse charge.

Look, I think the good news here is that Pham didn’t unload a clip into the husband and then leave their kids without parents. That’s the big takeaway here. Sure, the husband is shook, but he shouldn’t have called the police in the first place. He should’ve taken that Nerf gun beating like a man and then he should’ve done the right thing and packed his bags and went to a hotel where he could meet up with his slam piece.

Then file for divorce Tuesday morning. Now we have this whole court case that’s going to break out and then the eventual divorce. It’s just going to be a messy month for these two.

Not the Nerf guns used during the crime, just here as an example:

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