Meet Lara Lilchen_1 – A Real German Model To Kick Off Oktoberfest

Remember when St. Pauli Girl was a thing in the U.S. and she’d be plastered on posters in garages all around the neighborhood when guys weren’t scared to have a real garage and not worry about Karen walking her dog and being offended by St. Pauli Girl and then Karen would put on Facebook how she’s all offended and then it would cause problems on the neighborhood Facebook page?

I know that was a long sentence, but I had to get all of it out at once. Yeah, I miss those days. Now you have Karens all over the place just looking to get that one piece of content in her head that will go viral in the neighborhood. That’s her goal. And that has guys shook because they don’t want trouble. They want to drink beer, watch football & maybe say ‘fucc’ here and there.

That means for the month of Oktober we’ll actually celebrate Oktoberfest and be all Oktober around here with Oktoberfest content. We start off with a St. Pauli-esque Instagram model — an actual German — named Lara who goes by Lilchen_1 on IG. She fires up IG Story and speaks German and all that. It’s refreshing because you have these boring American chicks trying to act all German and they’re annoying.

Not Lara. Pure Germany. Pure Oktoberfest.

Lara at Oktoberfest in Germany

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