Shelby Bay: I Was Raised A Lions Fan, Now’s I’m A Rams Fan & Also A Packers Fan

I came across Instagram model Shelby Bay’s account today while doing some random L.A. Coliseum photo searches and she happened to be at Sunday’s Bucs-Rams game so I clicked into the pic to do some intel. That’s where I learned that Shelby has had quite an NFL journey from her early days to today.

She wrote, “It’s football season babbbbby 🏈 I grew up going to Lions games with my dad (which 98% of the time never ended well). It’s nice to root for the Rams now 😂 even tho we lost today but… it’s fine. GO PACKERS.

Look, I get it, she moved to Los Angeles to chase this modeling dream and do Hollywood. Of course she’s going to switch to rooting for the Rams, especially now that all the IG models are going to the game and there’s great opportunity to create IG content at the games. Makes total sense. And it’s not like she’s going back to catch Lions games at Ford Field. The lighting isn’t great indoors for the IG models — I was there yesterday and it wasn’t any better outside where the sky was cloudy and brutal for the content game.

Here’s where I’m confused: “Go Packers.” Out of thin air!

That’s what’s great about the IG models. They can switch teams on a dime and nobody blinks. Guys try that and it’s harassment for years from guys who know that’s a life fail. You don’t switch NFL teams after you turn 18. Before that you’re just confused and haven’t been taught proper loyalty. I swore allegiance to the Bengals early on and there’s no way I’m stopping now even though Mike Brown’s an idiot and has tried to alienate fans into disowning his franchise. Not me, but I won’t give him money for tickets.

As for Shelby, this is totally acceptable. I encourage it. Find the hot team, jump on the train and ride it to the Super Bowl. Just make sure to content, content, content along the way.

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