Buster’s Liquors In Memphis Looking For Shoplifter Who Told Manager To ‘Blow Him’

Buster’s Liquors is looking for shoplifter who told manager to blow him / via Facebook

Buster’s Liquors in Memphis, Tennessee is looking for a shoplifter who really wanted a bottle of Jack Daniels and told a manager on the way out that he could “blow him.” Add it all up and you have a Facebook Post of the Year nominee.

From Buster’s Liquors:


Reward for the lead to the arrest of this individual today (not tomorrow).

After being denied on the phone for a delivery order because he sounded intoxicated (but needed his Jack for a “very important board meeting”), he became angered, gave a death threat to our employee, and then hung up.

He then came to the store picked up a 2L soda and 1.75L of Jack Daniels and on the way out the door without paying he told our employee that the manager could “Blow Him”.

Once he is arrested, we’ll see who is doing the blowing, pal!

I wish more stores would do this — don’t wait for the cops to look at the footage and make a social post a month later. Get those screenshots and fire off a missile at the dirtbags, especially if the dirtbag tells you to blow him. If nothing else, you’re going to go viral, get a bunch of free exposure for a $30 shoplifting hit. As a matter of fact, it might not be a bad thing staging a shoplifting incident every now and then, just don’t involve the cops.

Busters Liquors shoplifter / via Facebook


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