Meet Ali From Austin

You know what I respect? I respect an Instagram model doing her thing like Ali In Austin and not out here promoting a bunch of garbage that other women don’t want to use like some toothbrush or one of these delivered meals things that I keep seeing on IG Story. Ali doesn’t even have a bio, just ‘Austin, Texas’. That’s perfect because we’re not here to find out that you love rainbows and purses. It’s understood. Get to the content!

And Ali in Austin gets down to the content. Do I know anything about her? Negative. I assume she loves Vegas pools, quiet nights at home in the winter on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and days at the beach. We’re all pretty much the same. I’m telling you what, last night it was a little chilly here at the HQ and I grabbed the incredible fuzzy blanket I got from Costco and it was like what I imagine it’s like to lay on clouds. Felt amazing. Not going to lie, I’m going back to that blanket tonight during Arizona State-Cal for round two. Might open a window, let a breeze in so I have to use the blanket and just enjoy the hell out of a night on the couch.

Anyway, back to Ali in Austin, she’s just out here #livingherbestlife and piling up the content. Tbh, I can’t figure out why she has only 7,500 followers. Looks like there’s plenty of adventure here for at least 30k followers. Get over there, give her a follow and see if she pumps out any fuzzy blanket content in December when it finally gets cold in Austin.

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