Meet Marika Bernard – Canada’s Hottest Fashion Buyer

Think I’ve found the Holy Grail of French Canadian Instagramers. It started with Canada’s Hottest CPA, Claudianne Godbout, and now I’ve moved on to her friend Marika Bernard, who fires off French on most of her posts and seems to really love sports — even golf! Guys, are you having trouble with American women who hate sports and are a pain in the ass? I’m starting to think you might want to start dabbling in Canadian Instagram accounts.

I did my due diligence on Marika and she’s a fashion buyer who says she’s “living my dream job.” And going to a bunch of sporting events: Devils hockey with Canada’s Hottest CPA, Blue Jays games, the golf course, Habs games. And she skies, fishes, dabbles in lumber yard IGs. I’m telling you right now, Marika is pretty much your dream woman, but you’re too busy following those airheads on IG that have faces that look like the Kardashians and can’t hold a job.

MARIKA HAS A JOB. AND SEEMS TO LOVE SPORTS. Guys, women like this don’t come along very often. Slide into those DMs.

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