Is Chanelle Punton The World’s Hottest Food Model?

I was doing my thing on Instagram Discover and the first photo to pop up today was that of Chanelle Punton and a massive pile of waffles, chocolate syrup, possibly a peanut butter syrup, Oreos, maybe some strawberries & a chocolate milkshake. FUCCCCCCCC. Hell yes I’m clicking ‘saved’ on that photo. You’re damn right I had to turn Chanelle into a post. Then I learned she’s a student nurse, IGs a bunch of crazy piles of food and has a budding influencing business going.

I did my due diligence on Chanelle and can’t tell much about this whole student nursing thing in her bio that she has going on, but I’m feeling pretty confident calling her the World’s Hottest Food Model. This could end up being a hot category once women figure out restaurants will pay them money to sit there.

This is a brilliant move for Chanelle. You don’t see too many IG models willing to go the food modeling route. Screw the Fit Tea and all that other powder stuff. Promote real food — it’s not like you have to eat it. Just sit with it and make loser guys scrolling through IG think they’re on a date with you. Brilliant.

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