Indians Fans Have A Cage Match In Upper Deck

Cleveland Indians fan fight video / via Twitter

Cleveland Indians fans had themselves an old fashioned upper deck fight Saturday night during a game against the Minnesota Twins, a 2-0 loss that puts the Indians 2.5 games behind Tampa for the final Wild Card spot and 5.5 behind the Twins for the division with 13 games to play. Things are slipping away and tensions couldn’t be higher right now in the upper deck.

You throw in the fact that the Browns got blown out last Sunday and tensions couldn’t be higher for the city right now. Does it all slip away in a matter of a couple weeks? Does a summer of so much promise turn into a complete nightmare? Do the Browns lose to a mono’d Sam Darnold team?

Hell yes that’ll drive people to drop power elbows in the upper deck.

According to an eyewitness, this is what led to the brawl:

There were these early 20 something dudes and their gf’s hammered being really loud, obnoxious, vulgar all game long. Quite a few kids around too and a few guys had enough, told them multiple times to tone it down and they just started talking major shit that lead to the fight.

*All joking aside, hope the cop who had to go get these losers is ok this morning. 

Here’s another angle of the Indians fan fight:

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