Tate Martell’s Girlfriend Kiki Passo’s Looking To Join A Fantasy League

Have space for Tate Martell’s girlfriend Kiki Passo in your fantasy league? There has to be a league out there where one of your players has already been blown out in Week 1 and quit because he/she is going to finish last and it’s not even close. Here’s your chance to shoot your shot — Kiki is looking to jump into a fantasy league.

The Instagram influencer, possibly working as an influencer for Knockout Watches, posted the influencing post today and it didn’t take long for guys to hit up the comments section offering up their leagues.

From Kiki Passo:

looks like it’s that TIME of the year… anyone wanna add me into their fantasy football league? @kowatches

I think the perfect situation here is for OJ Simpson to step in and cut someone from his league and put Kiki right into the spot. You know OJ runs a tight ship. He only posts Twitter videos once to twice a day to say how his team is looking. Kiki better be on her game if she joins that one.

As for Tate’s league:

you can join mine but it’s a free league with no prize because of ncaa rules.. just dm me and lmk


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