Meet Maddie Bailey – Alabama Cheerleader

Alabama cheerleader Maddie Bailey is in the midst of a senior season and the end of her Bama career that has seen its ups and downs on the football field. The team has lost three games since she started her Bama cheerleading career including two national championship games two Clemson. Yes, there was the 2017 national championship victory, but you have to figure Maddie stays up at night thinking of how much trouble Clemson has been while she’s been in school.

One more journey to go on (this week it’s at South Carolina vs. Mariah & the Cocks cheerleaders) and this time it ends in Miami with, I presume, another game against Clemson, which would be the fourth time out of five seasons in a row that’s happened. Maddie and her fellow seniors get one more shot at Dabo and blondie.

But what a run it has been for Maddie, a KD at the school. Bama’s worst AP ranking over her career – 2nd. It makes me wonder how it feels when the cheerleaders and football players turn pro and it’s not 13 straight weeks of winning. Has to feel extremely weird. Have to be honest, I’d probably need counseling. Three straight years of not having to worry about Purdue-like losses.

As for Maddie’s IG career while in school, she’s done a great job of getting in some international travel when the opportunity arises. Have to think these cheerleaders kinda get tired of jetting off to the Rose Bowl, Miami, Arizona. Need to get some international flavor in there at times.

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