Meet Abigail O’Neill – Lucky Charms Eats Channel Model

Our friends at Eats Channel on Instagram have a new video series out featuring model Abigail O’Neill having trouble with a bowl of the cereal and it’s pretty much one of the best videos of the week for the cereal eaters out there. Not sure you’re going to see one even close to this from Abby.

Chris over at Eats Channel continues to pump out the incredible content that used to be a staple of the Internet before the cancel culture tried to tell us that Playboy should not exist and that led to Playboy models that were clothed so advertisers wouldn’t leave the magazine. Guess what happened anyway? Playboy eventually realized its mistake and in 2017 went back to the old ways.

As for Abby, she’s a Wilhelmina agency model who, you guessed it, was May 2019 Playmate. The Wichita native ripped off the clothes for the May issue.

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