Antonio Brown Slides Into Instagram Model Emmy Lou’s DMs With “U Sexy Sexy”

Antonio Brown took time out of his busy New England Patriots schedule to let Instagram model Emmy Lou, AKA Barbie Dolly, know “U sexy sexy” after she tagged him on some pics where she’s wearing a Raiders 84 AB jersey and trying to change his mind on this whole saga. Of course Emmy Lou was late to the party and posted “Trying to change AB’s mind like……Down, Set, Hutt!” Monday afternoon, but that didn’t stop Antonio from appreciating her work while he prepares for a 100-catch season in Foxboro.

Just once I would like to see a full rundown of the DMs from athletes to the IG models. I picture AB has “U sexy sexy” copied and ready to be pasted for every single IG model sliding in via a Story mention. I picture it being like fishing, just throwing “U sexy sexy” out there hundreds of times to see what comes back. I might have to find a retired athlete who DGAF and would tell me what the IG underbelly is like for these guys. What a life.

As for Emmy Lou, her Raiders are going to be just fine. Did you see Derek Carr’s arm last night? Not bad. Now that was against a bad Broncos team that is looking tired on offense — could Joe Flacco show any energy at all? — and the defense isn’t the Super Bowl defense.


Antonio Brown slides into Emmy Lou DMs Instagram / via IG Story

Here’s the photo that Emmy Lou was late to the party with…needed to post that last week:

Meanwhile, last night at the Black Hole:

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