Giants Fan Threatens Gillette Stadium Shooting Because Patriots Got Antonio Brown

Foxboro Stadium shooting threat over Antonio Brown signing / via Twitter

A Rhode Island man, Tobias Gray, was arrested for saying on Facebook that he would do a “white boys school shooting” at Foxboro because the Patriots signed Antonio Brown and he was clearly triggered over the Super Bowl champions getting even better. Now whether he was just joking and it was all a huge misunderstanding will be up to a court of law, but cops weren’t taking any chance with this guy.

Here’s the post that caught the attention of the police:

I don’t even really post too many things so you know this is real since the Patriots signed Antonio Brown. I’m going to pull a white boys school shooting at Foxboro you might as well just hand them the ring right now. I’m if I ever get my hands on a gun which I don’t have one yet but I’m looking, I will go shoot up random people at Foxboro. [Explitive] the Patriots.

From NBC-10:

Gray’s attorney, Stefanie DiMaio Larivee, said his client may be a frustrated fan, but meant no harm.

“He just said it was almost — it was just a reaction. And he put something up there as any other fan might. He immediately took it down. I didn’t see the post myself, so I can’t comment on what it said,” DiMaio Larivee said.

Tobias Gray wearing a Victor Cruz jersey to his court hearing for threatening to shoot up Gillette Stadium:

Giants fan threatens Gillette Stadium shooting / from WWLP

Tobias during happier times on Facebook:

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