Ravens-Dolphins Game Highlighted By Fight In The Stands

Dolphins fan fight video / via Twitter

There was more fight in stands Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium from the fans than from the Dolphins in a 59-10 Tank for Tua special performance loss to the Ravens from a team that is doing its best to cause fans to fight. It wasn’t one of the better NFL fan fights you’ll ever see, but it’s still action from a game that was 42-10 at halftime.

It’s a good thing Hard Rock Stadium has a club Liv in the building because the fans need something to keep them happy while the Dolphins running game puts up 21 yards. Ryan Fitzpatrick will have a game or two where he throws for 400 and looks spectacular. Then he’ll play against a defense and get beat by 49.

From the Miami Herald:

And this is how the 2019 regular season began, which is to say in complete embarrassment — and, yes, Fitzpatrick said the Dolphins were “embarrassed.”

Baltimore Ravens 59.

Miami Dolphins 10.

And we’re all kind of shell-shocked now, but maybe we shouldn’t be. Because this is what happens when a blueprint for losing as a strategy is manifested onto a football field.

Let’s go to the tape!

Now let’s go to the Liv dance floor:

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