Hockey Ref Attacked During Canadian 10-Year-Old Game In Lethbridge, Canada

Hockey ref jumped in Lethbridge video / via Twitter

Ever seen a ref get attacked on the ice, reportedly by coaches from one of the teams playing? Now you have and it happened in Lethbridge, Alberta where reports are a ref was slashed by a 10 year old leading the ref to respond in a physical manner. One thing leads to another and we have coaches jumping the ref.

It appears this went down at the Quest for the Cup Challenge presented by @HPHockey at the ATB Centre in Lethbridge.

From the video uploader, Dean Millard:

This just happened in #Lethbridge tonight. From what I’ve been told it was a 10 year old 3 on 3 tournament where a player slashed a ref. My source tells me the ref responded in a physical way (some are saying self defence) & this happened. Reaching out to organizer for more info

Millard adds:

Slight update on this. My source tells me it was coaches chasing the official. It happened at the Quest for the Cup. 3 v 3 event in Lethbridge. I have contacted the organizer. Will update when I hear something.

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