Louisville Cheerleader Elizabeth Scott’s Nose Broken By Ian Book Pass








Louisville cheerleader Elizabeth Scott suffered a broken nose Monday night via an Ian Book throwaway during the 4th quarter of a game against Notre Dame, but the great news is that Liz has a pretty good sense of humor and jumped on Twitter to find her broken nose was trending. We’re still waiting to hear if Liz will be ready for Saturday’s home game against Eastern Kentucky.

Something tells me, just from what I can see out of her Twitter account, that Liz will strap on the cleats and be out there even if she’s suffering from a black eye(s). This appears to be a tougher Louisville team and that starts with the Ladybirds who don’t get on Twitter and attack Ian Book after he breaks a nose. Liz gets on and drops a Spongebob joke.


Faryn Corey IS BACK
Faryn Corey IS BACK